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Alcohol-Free Mojito

The Mojito originated in Cuba. A mojito is traditionally a cocktail made of rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint. . There are a number of variations of the popular Summer drink. Frozen mojitos, strawberry mojitos and pineapple mojitos are all popular renditions. However, we're big fans of this alcohol-free Mojito from Rochester Ginger.

Alcohol-Free Mojito


5 square ice cubes

Bunch of mint

1 lime, juiced

1 lime cut into wedges

100ml sparkling water

50ml Rochester Ginger Original


1. Place the ice cubes into highball glass. Add 8 Mint leaves, lime juice and 100ml of sparkling water.

2. Top up with 50ml of Rochester Ginger Original.

3. Muddle the leaves against the ice to release the mint flavor. Stir.

4. Add 2 lime wedges with more mint leaves and serve with a straw.

We’ve left the traditional sugar syrup component out (which does make the mocktail taste a little more flat and thin) & you can also add in bitters to cut the sweetness of the drink.

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