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Are hot showers bad for your skin?

When Winter arrives, a hot bath or shower feels like the best way to warm up. But as our guest blogger from Juniper Organic Skincare explains, hot showers and baths can be bad for your skin.

Thankfully though, Juniper has a range of products that can help keep your skin silky smooth, glowing, nourished, rejuvenated and hydrated, all the way to spring!

A change in season can cause a change in our skin, especially during the cooler months. When it comes to skincare, your body needs as much attention as your face. Often we neglect our body skincare routine due to the cooler temperatures and being covered up. However, your arms, legs, and torso still need as much skincare-love as your face. Protecting and nurturing your skin with a regular routine of exfoliating and moisturising during winter (when it needs it most) is so important. A winter skincare routine will prevent dry, tight, itchy, irritated, scaly skin and premature ageing. Healthy, hydrated skin is so much more comfortable!

When the weather turns cooler, we tend to have long hot showers or baths. Hot showers are not great for the skin. They can cause moisture loss, dryness and skin irritation, especially for sensitive skin types. In the cooler weather, we also cover up and forget to moisturise. This can lead to itchy, dry, sensitive skin and may exacerbate eczema/dermatitis. Juniper’s Calming Face and Body Wash is an all-over cleanser that won’t strip the skin. Following up with the Calming Jojoba Moisturiser or the Intensive Moisturising Lotion will help keep your skin healthy right through winter. Skin Tips~

Avoid long hot showers or baths: Hot showers and baths can be bad for your skin. They can cause moisture loss, dryness and skin irritations. Try to keep the temperature of your shower or bath warm, rather than stinging hot. Body washes and moisturises will help re-hydrate your body.

lady coming out of shower in white towel and white head towel

Invest in a hydrating cleanser: Harsh body washes can strip the skin and cause further dryness that can lead to itchy, dry sensitive skin, eczema and dermatitis flare-ups. Juniper’s Calming Face & Body Wash is an overall cleanser that won’t strip the skin. Follow that with your favourite body moisturiser: We love the Calming Jojoba Moisturiser for sensitive skin types or for those that don’t like a scented product. If you need some extra hydration or suffer from circulation problems or cellulite, we suggest the Intensive Body Lotion. For extremely dry legs Juniper Medi Balm can be applied once a week, over the moisturiser. This acts as a treatment to help repair the skin’s barrier. You can also use Medi-Balm nightly as a barrier balm over skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Exfoliate those dead skin cells away: Regular exfoliation has many benefits. Exfoliating refreshes the appearance of the skin by removing impurities and dead skin cells. Exfoliating also makes it easier for healthier cells to absorb moisturiser. Juniper’s Detoxifying Body Exfoliant leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. It also has the added bonus of stimulating the lymphatic system. Use a body exfoliant a few times a week, and then apply the award-winning Revitalising Body Oil or a body moisturiser of your choice.

hand holding a bottle of juniper calming face & body wash near a bath

Moisturise lots: Even when it’s cold and your body is covered up, it is still important to moisturise your skin. Choosing the right moisturiser for the skin on your body is just as important as it is for the skin on your face.

For sensitive skin, eczema, dermatitis, babies and the elderly, Juniper recommends pairing the Calming Jojoba Moisturiser with Medi Balm. These products are ideal for extremely dry skin. Both of these products are unscented and great for any skin condition. The Medi Balm is particularly ideal for dry and scaly skin that does not seems to hold any moisture. There’s a reason the Medi Balm is award winning!

For dry, poor circulation and cellulite Juniper recommends the Intensive Body Lotion.

Juniper Skincare is an Australian-made and owned product that is recommended by Practitioners. All their products are formulated using certified organic and natural ingredients and are proudly cruelty-free.

Shop for Juniper Organic Skincare at 23 Sturt Street.

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