At Go Vita Ballarat, we pride ourselves on having the largest range of supplements, health foods, dietary specific foods, natural and organic home and personal care products in the region. 

Step through our doors and you will find vitamins and supplements to help with immunity, female hormones, gut health, weight concerns, colds and flu, muscular or joint aches and many more.

We also have a large range of food products to suit dietary needs or preferences. Those following a vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, FODMAP, high protein or dairy free diet will discover a large range of cake and muffin mixes, soups and broths, sauces, noddles,  pastas, snacks and chocolates, cheeses, sauerkrauts,  kombucha and kefir, protein powders and pre and post workout supplements and bars.

For those that enjoy wholefood cooking we have flours, nuts, seeds, legumes, rices and dried fruits  - available packaged or from our bulk fill stations. We also offer freshly ground almond butter and peanut butter, as well as local honey.

We also stock cosmetics, skin care, personal and home care products that encourage a low-tox lifestyle. Many of our products are certified organic, natural, cruelty free and/or vegan.