When wine calls

Go Vita Ballarat staff member and Naturopath Michelle, is into week 5 of her Spring Health Reboot. (You can read about her journey so far here). Michelle found this week a little more challenging. But with good company, good food and good wine, there's times when you need to relax the rules.

"I have been really happy with my progress over the last few weeks; I have been committed to exercising regularly, I have changed some of my eating habits and my journaling and morning mantras have kept me in a positive mindset.

However, I was anticipating that a girls getaway could throw a curve ball into all of that…

Last week sister flew down from interstate, so her, Mum and I decided to have a long weekend together in Melbourne. I went with the best of intentions to exercise each day I was there, to be mindful of what and how much I ate and to keep my alcohol intake to a minimum. But all of those intentions went by the wayside the minute I arrived in Melbourne and sat down with a glass of wine!

The best of intentions flew out the window when the wine got opened!

I overate and enjoyed quite a few glasses of gin and vodka over the three days. I did manage to get out for a walk one morning, but relished in some R+R on the other days.

I didn’t write in my journal, as I think I would have found it a bit confronting to see how much I had consumed and how little I had exercised.

But I have never been one to advocate strict control over food and exercise. I actually encourage people to enjoy social get togethers without the constraints of what they should or should not be eating and drinking. I think enjoying good food, good company and good wine is all part of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

I must admit though, that the most challenging part of relaxing the rules a bit, is getting back into some sort of healthy routine. I am aware that I have a “throw the baby out with the bath water” kind of reaction; if I have enjoyed a weekend of food and drinking, it seems to creep into the following week as well.

But, today – one week after my girls weekend getaway, I have committed to reigning it back in. I have made commitments with friends to go for a run or a walk. I have booked myself for my regular PT session and a gym class. I was up early this morning (fellow rowing mums are you with me?) so made the most of the time to prepare a salad for lunch (see below for my easy throw together recipe).

I am feeling determined, focused and motivated.

Wish me luck!


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