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The Best Way to do a Cleanse (detox).

Now that the Festive Season is well and truly behind us and the year has already started to surge ahead, many people are considering doing a detox, or cleanse, to help alleviate a few weeks of overeating and celebratory drinking.

Go Vita Ballarat Naturopath Inka Ferkova says that detoxing or cleansing can be valuable as it takes some of the stress off the liver. “When we indulge during Christmas or other periods of celebration, we usually eat heavy, highly processed foods,” Inka says. “Many people also have more alcohol than usual and it puts a lot of strain on our liver.”

Inka explains that our liver also works hard to process toxins we are exposed to daily. “These toxins come in the form of food additives, chemicals in our water supply, airborne pollutants, chemicals in our hygiene and personal care products, pesticides, herbicides, drugs, alcohol, and caffeine.”

People who are feeling sluggish and fatigued may be the ideal candidates for a cleanse. “A lot of people might benefit from doing a detox. Anyone who is feeling tired, has had skin flare-ups, unexplained headaches, poor sleep quality, and gastrointestinal problems might be experiencing a stressed liver and could consider some sort of detox.”

There are various ways to do a detox. Some include fasting or intermittent fasting, juice cleanses and eliminating certain foods. Other cleanses use herbs and supplements, infrared saunas and cleansing the colon with enemas or colonic irrigation. However, it is important to consult with a trained professional before considering a detox plan, so that the right combination for your symptoms and lifestyle is prescribed.

Inka warns of the idea of subscribing to social media influencers or quick-fix companies for advice. “A trained professional will work out the best way to help reduce the toxin overload and also support all organs of elimination (liver, large intestine, kidneys, bladder). There are many different types of cleanses and it needs to meet the person where they are at in their healing journey,” Inka explains. “Detoxing programs are not recommended for people with diabetes, heart problems, expectant or breastfeeding mothers, or anyone who has an existing—or history of—eating disorder. There are many different factors that need to be considered, and that is why it is important to get guidance from a naturopath or dietician.”

“There can be side effects of doing a cleanse,” Inka says. “Some people may suffer from headaches in the first few days. This is usually a side effect of cutting out caffeine. People may also experience brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, and short temper.” Inka says that side effects normally only last a few days, but a health professional can help monitor your symptoms and change the program if required.

When done correctly Inka says that doing a detox can have benefits such as improved skin complexion, brighter eyes, better sleep, improved memory, and cognitive function, better bowel movements, and a healthier gut.


Inka Ferková is a Naturopath at Go Vita Ballarat. She has an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy.

Inka specialises in Adrenal Health, Mental Wellbeing and Gut Health.

In her spare time, Inka loves to read, dance and create healthy foods.

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