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Razor-ing awareness

Disposable razors and cartridge razor blades came into fashion in the 1970s, offering consumers a convenient and "presumably" cheaper option than a visit to the barber.

However, cartridge and disposable razor blades (which are made from a myriad of different materials such as rubber, plastic, metal and lubricants, plus the heavy duty packaging they often come in) need to be replaced regularly and cannot be recycled. As a result, disposable razor blades have been coined the new "plastic straws" - that is, they are unnecessary and problematic for the environment.

Thanks to a number of concerned innovators however, safety-razors have made a comeback. And there's benefits for the consumer and the environment. Six reasons you should make the switch to a safety razor -

1) Safety razors provide a close shave.

Safety razors get closer to the skin - meaning your skin will feel smoother and silkier.

It takes a little practice when you first start using a safety razor (and a few cuts and nicks might be inevitable) but before long, you'll be a pro and won't want to shave any other way.

2) Safety razors are gentler on the skin.

Disposable razors are generally made up of 3-5 blades, but those blades usually have a role of lifting and then cutting - which results in bumpy, irritated skin and often, in-grown hairs.

Safety razors use one blade that cuts the hairs close and first time over - so there's no going back over the skin with multiple blades, irritating the skin each time.

3) Safety razors are cost effective.

Provided the handle of your safety razor is well cared for (that is left out to dry between shaves), it will last for years.

The replacement blades can be reused between 6-10 times (depending on how often you shave, how well the blades are kept and the coarseness of your hair) and are about 5 times cheaper than disposables.

4) Safety razors are better for the environment.

Disposable razor blades are made up of a number of different materials - sometimes as many as 60 - so it makes them virtually impossible to recycle and they won't break down in landfill. According to the EPA, 2 billion disposable razors end up in landfill every year.

Once blunt, the replaceable blades of a safety razor can be stored in a jar and then taken to your local waste facility to be recycled as scrap metal.

Use your safety razor with an environmentally friendly shaving soap and you'll really be kicking goals.

5) Safety razors are gender neutral.

Avoid the "pink tax" - there's no need for a razor for him and a razor for her. Both sexes can enjoy a smooth, close shave using the one razor handle.

6) They look stylish

Bring a bit of swank and style back to the bathroom. Safety razors just look and feel more stylish and traditional than the plastic disposables.

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