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Go Vita Ballarat staff member and Naturopath Michelle, is into the final week of her Spring Health Reboot. She reflects on what she has learnt about herself over the last few months and gives us some tips on how to enjoy the festive season and still feel fabulous. " As my 8 week health re boot comes to a close, there are a few things that I have been able to draw from it.

Probably the biggest realisation was that mindset has a far greater impact on health- and life in general, than I ever gave it credit for.

I have become hyper aware of the fact that incorporating healthy eating and exercise into my day leads to me feeling positive and motivated ; at the same time, if I woke up feeling unmotivated, I would avoid exercise and perhaps eat to excess which would lead to further poor mindset.

The other great realisation is that this will not just be an 8-week re-boot: what I have learned during this period, I will be integrating into my everyday life from hereon in. Setting an example for my children has become a particularly important focus for me.

My self-wellness health rating is not yet at a 10- I would say more a 7 or 8. But it is something that I continue to work towards, particularly as I realise the impact a healthy lifestyle has on my mind, body and spirit.

With it being only days away from Christmas and the Holiday Season, I have included some tips that I will be incorporating to help me stay focussed:

- Remember that a positive mindset sets the tone for the day

- It is important to still try to incorporate exercise over the busy period- even if it means a couple of really early starts

- Opt for lower sugar alcohol choices, such as gin & tonic, or vodka, soda and fresh lime. Another good choice is vodka and Kombucha!

- When a platter is in front of you, alternate those moreish cheese and biscuits with pieces of fruit or vegetable sticks.

- Try to be aware of when you are full- though it is tempting to eat those desserts and snack from the grazing platter, having a greater awareness may mean that you don’t eat to excess

- If you have a poor eating day, don’t punish yourself. Just re-set and re-focus the following day.

- Whatever indulgent food you choose to eat, make sure you really enjoy it. Taking the time to enjoy it may lead to you eating less, which in turn will lead to less feelings of guilt

Most importantly, enjoy the holiday season and if you are lucky enough to have time off, make sure you take some time to relax!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas, and a happy and healthy break." Michelle

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