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Clever local #4: Annabel/Blossom Infusions

C.S Lewis said "You cannot get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." We tend to agree. A good cup of tea can be the answer to a lot of things, especially when the blend is created by local naturopath Annabel Mason.

GV: How long have you lived in Ballarat?

AM: I grew up in Ballarat, moved to Melbourne when I was studying naturopathy/herbal medicine and then returned 12 years ago when I had my first child.

GV: Who is in your family? AM: We have a blended family - a 'mine, yours and ours'. I have two boys aged 8 and 12 and a step-daughter aged 13.

GV: How did Blossom Infusions come about?

AM: I have been practising Naturopathy for a number of years - in Melbourne before having children and then for the past seven years here in Ballarat. My teas combine my love of tea as well as being an extension of my naturopathy and herbal medicine. I first came up with the blends after my first son was born and have refined the blends over a number of years. I really wanted to not only utilise the health supporting properties of each of the herbs used, but also get the balance of flavours just right to create tea blends which look, smell and taste beautiful - with no grassy water taste!

GV: Tell us about the process of creating the blends.

AM: I source the herbs from a small certified organic herb farm in Maldon, Victoria. I then blend the individual herbs and package them in amber glass apothecary jars which keep them fresh and can be refilled and reused. I also packed the blends into refill bags for people to refill their jars.

GV: What are some of your tips around making the perfect brew? AM: Each of my blends are loose leaf which encourages you to slow down and take the time to brew a cup or a pot of tea. I encourage you to treat yourself o a really beautiful cup or teapot so that that the simple art of making a cup of tea becomes a nourishing self-care ritual that you look forward to throughout the day.

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