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Clever local #2: Jewels/Milk & Cookies

Ballarat is becoming a hub of amazing creators and we are pleased to be able to stock some of their fabulous products in the store.

We'd love to introduce you to Jewels, the clever local behind Milk and Cookies by Jewels.

Milk and Cookies by Jewels is a business that specialises in the most delicious lactation cookies to support milk supply for breastfeeding Mamas. Breastfeeding is often a learnt skill and one that can be overwhelming for new mothers. Jewels' lactation cookies are used to boost breast milk supply, provide women with that added confidence and remind them that they are doing a wonderful job.

This Mama of two, with her third bubba on the way, started her business without realising she was even doing so. She was overwhelmed, juggling two small children, battling severe post natal depression (PND) and trying to find her sense of identity in amongst the crazy ride that is early motherhood.

Baking became her focus... and with a mind occupied from the cloud that is PND, she started to heal and gained confidence baking her lactation cookies to support fellow new Mums in her hometown of Ballarat. It started purely as a hobby and a tool for healing.

Three years later this same woman has established herself a thriving business. One that now sees her cookies commercially manufactured & distributed nationwide daily. She has multiple stockists around the country & has just dipped her toes into the international market.

Jewels has lived in Ballarat for five years and it has become her forever home. Seeking a sense of community with her husband and two girls Chelsea (now 5) & Scarlett (now 4) with baby girl number 3 due in November this year, they all the love the community feel that Ballarat provides. A place where there are so many markets, annual events for families & the locals know you by name.

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