Being ready for snaccidents.

Go Vita Ballarat staff member and Naturopath Michelle, is into week 6 of her Spring Health Reboot. In week 3, Michelle explained how snacking in between meals is of the biggest challenges she faces when trying to feel a bit healthier. This week Michelle gives us some info on snacks that she likes to have close by.

“I have a few go-to snacks that I try and rotate so that I am getting an even spread of nutrients- but in all honesty, I do tend to reach for the ‘treat’ snacks more often than the ones providing me with the best nutrition. This is an area of my eating that I continue to work on!


Treat Dream Carmel Bears – I will often reach for a cute little treat dream bear when I feel like an indulgent treat. Whilst they don’t provide a lot of nutrients – I love they that satisfy cravings and are ethically made.

Loco Love chocolates – another indulgent, ethically produced treat. The Loco Love range is also infused with blends of superfoods, tonic herbs and healing spices so it virtually makes the chocolate medicinal!

Loco Love Chocolates are indulgent and infused with superfoods, tonics and herbs

Vitawerx Bars – These are a great lower sugar treat (they have an average 2.6g of sugar per bar) that is still sweet and satisfying. I love white chocolate, so it’s great to be able to enjoy a guilt free white chocolate fix. Being a vegetarian, I am also pleased that these bars provide almost 9g of protein.


Quest Tortilla Chips – low carb savoury snack, the downfall being that the ingredients probably aren’t considered as ‘clean’ as others

Vegan Rob’s Cauliflower or Cheese puffs – light puffs with a delicious flavour and minimal ingredients

Banana Joe Banana Chips- a recent addition to the store and oh so yummy! Light and crunchy texture with no nasties.


Snacks that I find are a good source of nutrients, and that I also consume quite regularly, include:

Gorgeous George Hommus and carrot/celery sticks: I love the flavour combination of hommus and vegie sticks.

Boiled eggs: Sprinkled with S & P: such an easy snack but one I always really enjoy

Tamari Almonds: I can’t go past these when I am craving a bit of a salt- another benefit is that they are in our bulk produce section so quite economical. I find with Tamari Almonds you get both the nutrition of nuts with a great burst of savoury flavour!

Piece of fruit (mango, passionfruit or apple being my personal favourites): I tend to consume fruit a lot less during the cooler months, but eat it on the daily when it is warmer. I get a bit obsessed with mango in the Summer and love to eat it fresh, combined with Coconut Yoghurt and Caramelised Buckinis or blended into a smoothie.

White Wolf Vegan protein- Although I am not vegan, I opt to go for the Vegan version of White Wolf as I find it more satisfying (being a thicker consistency), and I prefer the flavours over their Whey product. White Wolf protein has the added nutrition of flaxseeds, chia, buckwheat, psyllium, poppy & sunflower seeds which contributes to greater satiety. I combine it with both water and some Coconut milk which makes it delicious and creamy.

Koja protein bars: These are Aussie made and use beautiful, pure ingredients- this is one of my favourite snacks when I have a sweet craving. I always feel good after eating one too

Botanical Cuisine Beetroot Dip with Mary’s Gone Crackers Black Pepper biscuits: all I can say here is….if you decide to try this combo out there will be no regrets!

As I have mentioned previously, I have always been an advocate for making sure that you include foods that you get pleasure from eating in your daily diet- even if they may not be the best option nutritionally. Depriving yourself will lead to the inevitable binging, which is a much more detrimental outcome than if you were just to enjoy a treat in the first place.”


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